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over the safety the dreamliner. boeing says it is ready to fly again soon, but japan assists -- insists it is not. evidence has emerged alleging that congolese government soldiers have raped more than 120 women in the past 20 months, and that does not include cases that go unreported. hundreds of sexual assaults have been reportedly carried out by troops and rebels. government forces have been east in congo in large numbers since 2008, joining forces with rwandan troops to tackle the democratic forces for the liberation of her wanda. the fdlr. congolese troops have failed to defeat them, and since last year, a rebel group has arrived in eastern congo, presenting forces with another challenge. there are other atrocities. human rights groups have raised concerns about sexual violence as a weapon of war. rape iscountry where used as a weapon of war, this woman's story is a common one. she was out collecting food and would when she was raped by congolese soldiers. i don't know who to blame, i am just worried because i am hungry and i cannot go out to my farm anymore. >> the united nations a
catholics to remember the roots of their faith. >> boeing says it has solved the battery problems that beset the 787 dreamliner. >> well, first up, a two-day meeting of eu leaders has been drawing to a close in brussels, and there have been some serious and divisive issues on the agenda. >> not least, the question of if the eu should abandon its arms embargo in syria and start providing military support to the rebel forces fighting against the regime of bashar al assad. >> both britain and france say the time has come to get more involved. it is a position that could lead to a major rift in the eu. >> he is prepared to go it alone. the french president was unequivocal in his comments over farming syrian rebels, with or without his partners. >> there could be one or two countries who want to block this move because they are reluctant. and i cannot speak for any other country than france. france will accept its responsibilities. >> britain has also indicated it would consider forming the rebels, but there is resistance from others. -- consider farming the rebels. >> i am against it. i do not t
. the dreamliner. the regulators ordered airlines to ground the boeing 787 in january after a series of problems. airline executives want to get the planes back in the sky. a jet operated by all nippon airways made an emergency landing after smoke was detected from the battery. it caught fire at an airport in boston. engineers at boeing redesigned the battery, adding insulation to stop problems in any of the eight cells from affecting the others. faa officials approved the plan. faa heads say the tests will show whether improvements work as designed. the boeing ceo says they've passed a milestone toward getting the fleet flying again. >>> the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission has offered to help with the clean-up at fukushima daiichi. 4 out of 6 reactors were damaged during the earthquake and tsunami two years ago. three of them melted down. nrc chair allison mcfarlane says they'll have to clear a lot of hurdles before they can clean up the plant. she visited the site in december and expressed her respect for the 2000 workers who are removing debris and spent fuel. >> that was all v
, and the hacking last year of a major newspaper website. maker boeing says repairs on the trouble battery system aboard its 787 dreamliner jets should be completed in a matter of weeks. the head of boeing's commercial airplane division, ray conner, spoke at a news conference in tokyo. he said the process of putting the dreamliners back into service shouldn't take too long. >> we don't anticipate that being months. we were thinking more along the line of weeks as we do that. >> investigators have found the battery's lithium-ion cells became damaged in extreme heat. the manufacturer plans to change a the design of the battery system to prevent overheating. boeing must obtain approval from the u.s. federal aviation administration before the dreamliners can go back in the air. japan's transport safety board is also investigating problems with the jets, but officials haven't determined why the batteries overheated. a the japanese government has endorsed legislation to join an international treaty on child abductions. the hague convention sets rules to allow children from failed marriages to be repatr
, thanks a lot. happy trading, man. >> all right, thanks. >> boeing says its grounded 787 dreamliner will resume commercial flights within weeks and it hasn't found out what caused the two planes in january. >> go to the boeing shares, which year to date held on beautifully and today up over 12% year to date and they've made it through this pr nightmare. and trying to get to 787 back up and flying, so, they're going be to be doing some limited test flights with two 787's that will have prototype components of the new battery system. i guess, who needs to find out what's wrong with the old battery? let's make a darn new one. i don't know, i don't know the intricate part of it, but the f.a.a., obviously, now overlooking this as well. and the ideal start is to get this thing up and flying again. it looks like they're certainly on the way to doing so. charles: i've got to tell you it's a wonderful thing to only have one global competitor, you can make a lot of mistakes and still have a hot stock. talk to you later, nicole. as the senate panel slams j.p. morgan for a loss last year and fo
.25% is buying opportunity? >> definitely a buying opportunity for caterpillar, boeing or cummins engine. i like all three of those. david: when do you think inflation does play a role in this economy? >> it is definitely going to play a role when unemployment start to drop. what you have to worry about is not the stock market too high. you don't have to worry about that you have to worry about is inflation and economy too high. you have a tug-of-war between the two items. david: we do have the tremendous. amount of cash the fed is pumping out. most banks have been holding it because they haven't been lending it out. there hasn't been a lot of demand for borrowing. once this money begins to churn through the economy, then, is it going to be katy-bar-the-door? or is the fed going to be able to control inflation? >> what you described is called the velocity of money. essentially the money is sitting on the bank balance sheets and the fed has a new method they introduced last couple years to control how much money is lent out. david: which is? >> the ability to pay banks to keep reserves at the fed
. >> what are people doing about it? one sold some of his boeing stock and moved it to cash. another is concerned that a muni bond fund may be part of a bubble. >> i'm feeling pressure to move that money out of there. >> when we asked people on twitter what they're doing, most said they are checking them more often and a few are starting to make changes. >> contemplating dumping bonds but can't find a good alternative. moved half from equities to money market. got a bad feeling. but it was countered, adding more risk as long as big ben is here, so am i. >> advisors are being bombarded with questions about where to go from here. >> it's not about timing the market. it's about time in the market. >> in the meantime it's de ja vu all over again. back to the days when checking your 401k was something you looked forward to rather than dreaded. >> well the rise in stocks may have many americans feeling better about their portfolios. the ceo of general electric today warned that overregulation and political uncertainty could restrain the pace of the american recovery. he said the u.s. faces
the plan would replace sequester cuts with tax hikes on the wealthy. at least one senior boeing executive is confident the company has a permanent solution to the dreamliner's battery woes. boeing's vp of marketing told a group of aviation financiers that the company's proposed fixes for the new jet will be just that - permanent. he was also bullish on the prospects for continued growth in the aircraft market. ipo news may soon flood the market. a new study by kpmg finds that, due to a rise in mergers this year, more companies are expected to go public. as more smaller companies roll up into one, analysts expect to see a lot of ipos from software and telecommunication firms as well as those in healthcare, especially pharmaceuticals. the popular prediction website traders used to make bets on major events failed to see this coming - intrade has abruptly shut down this week. in a note on its site, the board of directors cited "circumstances recently discovered" that caused them to immediately cease operation. it also notes the problems may include financial irregularities. the trading site
they'll take a look -- then destroy it. the f-a-a has approved a boeing plan to redesign the batteries for its 787 dreamliners. boeing says it will re- design the battery - to minimize the chances of a short circuit. they're talking about better insulation and a new venting system. the 787 fleet has been grounded since january. after a battery fire on one plane. and a smoking battery on another. developing now. a tugboat, a barge and a gas pipeline are all burning tonight in louisiana. the tug boat had been pushing a barge filled with of crude oil when it hit a natural gas pipeline. two crew members on the tug boat have been hospitalized -- one of them is in critical condition. some of the oil has spilled into the bayou area - south of new orleans. the coast guard is letting the fire burn off tonight.saying it's too intense to try to put it out. the barge was carrying more than four thousand barrels of crude oil. the man accused of a shooting rampage inside a colorado movie theater was back in court today. where a judge entered a "not guilty" plea on behalf of james holmes.. that's bec
the barge line. >>> boeing can go ahead with the redesigns. all boeing 787 that have been in service around the world have been grounded since january. that is after a battery fire forced an emergency landing. it will make changes to provide better ventilation of the batteries. but they say more tests must be conducted. >>> berkeley police report no arrests after a march to protest the death of a transgender woman. the night about 75 demonstrators marched to police headquarters. it was a month ago police responded to a disturbance. the individual was described as a 347-pound schizophrenic who died from some violent confrontation. >> our detectives are working on the case and waiting on the results from the coroner. >> even some demonstrators rushed at a ktvu news camera. >>> 37-year-old chow says police released a photo of him last year identifying him as a possible gang member wanted in connection with a shooting. he claims he's had trouble finding work ever since. he's now seeking compensation from the city. city attorney has not commented on the suit. >>> a 24-year-old woman has been arr
moved up 56 cents. dreamliners are closer to take- off. the faa said yes to boeing's battery redesign. it's considered the first step to getting 787s ready for lift- off. boeing also reportedly has an $18-billion deal in the works to sell jets to ryanair. and ahead of government data on oil, the american petroleum institute is noting a surprising drop in crude supples. crude declined by over 1.4 million barrels. analysts expected an increase of 2.3 million. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us on this wednesday for a closer look at the market. good morning to you, and the dow is still going, larry. > > it is unbelievable. traders are so anxious right now they just can't believe it continues to climb higher. > what do you make of the bond market at this point? do you expect to see some sort of grand rotation where all of a sudden stocks start to falter and money starts to go back into the bond market? > > you know, on a macro scale, i think there is a little bit more room to the wall of worry that we are climbing. not to say that there won't be setbacks in the stock market, becaus
. >>> and to business this morning, a big step in the right direction for boeing. the faa approving boeing's plan to redesign the 787 dreamliner's fire-prone batteries, putting the plane maker one step closer to getting its 787 back in the air. the fleet was grounded in january. >>> hostess has agreed to sell its twinkies, ho-hos to apollo global management for $410 million. the buyers hope to have the snacks back on shelves by summer. whew! >>> speaking of sweets, is big sugar about to get a bailout? "the wall street journal" reports the department of agriculture is considering buying 400,000 tons of sugar to stave off a wave of defaults by processors that borrowed $862 million under a government price support program. h&r block saying about 600,000 tax refunds will be delayed due to a form change the company learned about after filing hundreds of thousands of returns. >>> and do you remember this video of a 62-year-old woman -- man, rather, shooing a shark away from australia beachgoers back in january? well, it turns out he and his wife were on sick leave for stress. the couple worked at the s
.com and click on "see it on tv." >> boeing is confident the grounded jets will be back in the air in a matter of weeks. the again says they are finished testing redesigned batteries on a third of the boeing 787 dreamliner which still needs f.a.a. approval but bowing is confident that will happen. they say the new design includes several extra layers of safety to prevent battery fires. the issue forced regulators to ground the planes worldwide in january just days after all nippon launched nonstop service between san jose and tokyo. >> it is almost 4:56. despite the success of courtroom reality shows some proceedings you cannot see on tv, the supreme court. two justices from the highest court tell a house committee that televiseing court proceedings would be disruptive. they say the court is conservative and is not ready for tv during a hearing on proposed cuts to the court budget. >> despite laws aimed at curbing distracted driving up to two-thirds of americans use their cell phones while driving. the survey by the centers for disease control shows that 69 percent of americans talk on their p
, and hit and run. >>> boeing executives say they have finished one-third of the safety tests. they now say the dream liner should be carrying passengers again in a matter of weeks not months. boeing says it doesn't know what exactly caused the problem. the design would keep -- the head of the transportation security administration defended his decision to change what could be brought on board commercial flights. he told a congressional subcommittee allowing small knives and some sporting gear in the passenger cabin does not pose a major threat to an aircraft. airlines and flight crews criticized the change that is set to go into effect next month. >>> president obama appeared on israeli television. >> we think that it would take over a year or so for iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon. but obviously we don't want to cut it too close. >> next week president obama will visit israel for the first time as president. analysts say he's had a strained relationship with israeli prime minister while president obama wants more time for economic sanctions against iran, israel worries it could
corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by boeing. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. some weeks demand more analysis than others. white house tours were canceled but it wasn't about that. republicans and democrats issued competing budget blueprints but it wasn't about that either. what it seemed to be about as self-definition, a sudden recognition that in the eyes of the american people they've been doing it all wrong, so the president went repeated by to capitol hill. >> over the last several weeks the press here in washington has been reporting about obama's charm offensive. all i've been doing is just calling up folks and trying to see if we can break through some of the gobbledygook of our politics here. at this juncture one of the things i believe is that we've got to get members of congress involved in these discussions, not just leadership. gwen
and 3,000 u.s. troops. >>> the latest test flight for boeing's struggling 787 dreamliners could start as soon as today. the faa approving boeing's plan for a redesigned battery system on those jets. problems with lithium ion batteries grounding all 787s in commercial service since january. prototypes of the redesigned battery system installed in two aircraft will now undergo limited test flights. >> an historic finish to the lskds iditarod dog sled race. just moments ago, the winner crossed the finish line in nome, becoming the oldest winner of the grueling contest. this is his second iditarod. his son, dallas, won last year's event, becoming the race's youngest winnerer. he wins a $50,000 and a new pickup truck. >> and a big smooch from whoever that is. nice way to finish that. congratulations to mitch. with all due respect, what do the dogs get? they do all the hard work. >> they can ride in the back of the truck. >> wow! congratulation congratulations. >>> niners could sign a future hall of famer. details coming up on that, next. >>> plus remember this guy? he wrestled a shark away
on investor confidence. but first a developing story here tonight. the faa approving the boeing 787 certification plan. cnbc's phil lebeau has the latest on what this may mean for boeing. phil? >> melissa, this is a path for boeing to follow to hopefully get the 787 dreamliner back in service, perhaps four, five, six weeks from now, once they've done some test flights, when they've done more analysis of the tests they're going to run in the subsequent weeks. here's essentially what the faa has set out for boeing. it has approved boeing plan for fixing the dreamliner battery system. that plan calls for redesigning the lithium ion batteries, redesigning the case that holds the battery unit, and also calling for great er checks, if um, so that the crews that work on the dreamliner will be able to better monitor if there are any problems with these lithium ion batteries. there are going to be two dreamliners that will be going up for test flights. and there are specific test criteria that boeing will have to meet before the faa says you know what, we think this fix works, we approve it,
, confessions from drivers and what americans admit to doing behind the wheel. >> and boeing 787 dreamliner has been stranded for two months and we learn when the jets will turn to the skies. >> and a popular twitter feature that could >> it is 5:51. now a look from the embarcardero camera looking across the bay. the bay bridge there you can see it better because it is not so foggy or cloudy. but a big change is creeping into our weather forecast. mike nicco will talk about that in a moment. >> you will have another option to get around the bay area because of a bike sharing program. there is an agreement, now, with the bicycle share, a $7 million pilot program. starting in august cyclists can pick up and drop off bicycles at 70 different locations between san francisco and san jose. the cost has not been decided yet but a similar program in washington, dc, charges $75 a year. >> the upcoming spring bake is leading san francisco muni system to reduce service while students are out of school part of a new strategy that they first tried over the holiday season in december when fewer were using th
/2 points to close at 3242. the dow was up 10.3% so far this year. boeing stock out in pre-market after the faa approved a battery redesign plan for the 787. taking center stage wednesday, the latest reading on february retail sales due to be released before the opening bell. sales are expected to resume 0.5%. >> more and more young people are using a smart bombs as their primary injured at portal. about half of teenagers was smart phones say is their primary internet device. in comparison, just 15 percent of adults said that they will access the internet mostly by cellphone. tax experts say these young mobil servers will continue to influence the way corporations do business and marketers advertise will only continue to evolves, as the wwill the way mobilizes are monitored. >> you will pay nearly $50 million in bonuses to for the internet search company's top executives for their performances last year. documents filed tuesday disclose executive chairman eric schmidt will get the biggest award at $6 million. most of its wealth is tied up in google stock. those of the bank of $3.3 milli
today. >> boeing shares took flight today after announcing improved safety features for the lithium-ion battery on its dreamliner. the certification tests are well under way, and boeing expects that will be weeks, rather than months, before the plane is back in service that boosted investor confidence in boeing and the dreamliner. shares surged more than 2% today, touching a new 52-week high before closing at $86.43. >>> well, a different story for carnival cruise lines. shares fell, even though it reported better than expected quarterlyearnings. instors focused instead on reports of more operational problems on another carnival cruise ship. the carnival dream's caribbean cruise was canceled because of a generator malfunction in st. maarten, and all passengers are being flown home. carnival cut its earnings forecast on lower bookings in asia and europe. the stock fell two points. >>> a number of companies trading more heavily than usual at the close today. it is the quarterly rebalancing of the s&p 500. at&t, pfizer, and exxonmobil had sizable buybac ringhe quarter, and all of them
, that and housing, boeing gets 200 planes. aerospace is a huge driver. >> a lot of coverage this week in ohio in utica, it is changing ways of life, no question about it. >> yeah. >> when we come back, a wall street debut involving the second tech ipo of the year. we'll talk about silver spring networks and bring you the opening trade. trip adviser with a hot stock and a new milestone and we'll talk exclusively with the travel website's ceo. the retail sales number, the biggest beat above expectationses since december of '09. "squawk on the street" live from post 9 when we return. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ >>> as samsung >>> as samsung is gearing up for tomorrow's launch of the z10 smartphone. new figures show samsung spent $401 million in advertising for its mobile phone
&p is going nowhere fast. boeing hit a new 52 week high. you have many retailers hitting new 52 week highs. we are seeing american spending on gasoline, auto sales, grocery stores. talk to you. dagen: where is the disposable income after that payroll tax disappeared? continue negotiating. 82% is a proof of the way congress does its job. joining us now from washington, d.c. is steve moore. senior economics writer at the "wall street journal." will compromise and improve their standing in the eyes of the american people? i highly dow it. >> let me bring you up to date. there is still black smoke coming out of the capital. we still have not seen a senate budget. by 4:00 o'clock or 5:00 o'clock tonight, maybe. hold onto your hats, we make it a set budget. that would be quite a rare occurrence on capitol hill. people are extremely angry about the budget situation. they are extremely angry apple parties because of the accumulation of debt. they do not seem to be doing anything to stop this tsunami of red ink. washington is incomplete disarray. what do we do in november? we reelected 96% of these peo
early going. let's from the general market to specific stocks. boeing, f.a.a. approving fixes for battery problems on the dreamliner. so, nicole, where is it? because we've been following this thing all the way from 74 and look at that, $84. >> 84 and change and analysts now talking about steeple nicholas, $85 and a buy rating and not too far from where it is. good news for boeing. and year to date up 12%. boeing weathered a pr storm pretty well. stuart: pretty well? i'd say extremely well. >> extremely well. stuart: a huge bounce back, 10 bucks in 10 days. and netflix, if you have an account you'll be able to log into facebook and get netflix movies. that's the way i understand it. nicole, it will me about netflix stock. >> well, this link is worth over 3% gain for netflix is a winner and you'll be able to get the features on your facebook. very interesting, so we've got to watch both stocks. >> another big bounce there, i want to look at apple, i believe it's down again, because the wall street journal is picking up our expectations for the galaxy 4, i believe out tomorrow.
-242-usaa. >> neil: the dreamliner might be ending this batter are nightmare. the faa just approved boeing's plan to fix 787 dreamliners' fire prone batteries. the one that would mysteriously ignite. the company has a plan to test them and make sure nothing happens because that would be a. and that's a big, big hurdle out of the way for boeing because this has been stalled for government examination. so a green light for boeing to get the battery thing fixed and get the dreamliners back online. >> students are ready to ditch the books for the beach. spring break is almost here. exactly where is everyone headed? on this stunningly important business story we want to keep you on top of the develops that matter. travel expert, gabe, with the latest hot spots. it's branched out considerably from when i was in school, where a weekend the cat skills would suffice. >> the popular ones are the beaches. so head for places like south texas, miami, florida, internationally speaking, the caribbean and mexico are actually offering great values. we're on the tail end of peak season on plays like the c
but no major changes. no rain clouds on the five-day graphic. >>> boeing can start making changes to the lithium acon batteries. all boeing 787s were grounded in january after two separate incidentsing those batteries. even with the redesign, boeing must conduct new test flights before passenger flights will be allowed. >>> virgin america had the best on time record. more than 93% of the burlingame based virgin american flights landed on time. that pushed hawaiian down to second. and frontier airlines had the worst record. >>> just in time for easter there is a chocolate easter egg with a toy inside that is legal to sell in the u.s.. the choco treasure gets around safety concerns because it's made in two pieces wrapped around a capsule inside the chocolate. >> i'll eat, pam. >> chocolate is good. >>> some signs new life for those pastries named twinkies and hohos. bankrupt banking company who made those products may not be cooking up a new deal that junk food lovers will like. >>> plus another sink hole story. this time a golfer becomes part of a hole in one. >>> good wednesday mo
at that later. plus, is boeing close to waking up from its dream liner nightmare? an update on when the plane may be ready to takeoff. >>> you are watching "worldwide exchange." if you're just tuning in, these are your headlines. eu leaders pledge to fix unemployment hinting at more room to meet deficit targets. >>> and u.s. banks largely pass the fed stress test, excludeing a few firms that have failed to make the grade. >>> and straight ahead on the program, the bank of japan has a new man at the top. stay tuned to find out why and just what they might buy when we come back. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. e-trade. less for us. more for yo
for thursday and friday but no major changes. no rain clouds on the five-day graphic. >>> boeing can start making changes to the lithium acon batteries. all boeing 787s were grounded in january after two separate incidentsing those batteries. even with the redesign, boeing must conduct new test flights before passenger flights will be allowed. >>> virgin america had the best on time record. more than 93% of the burlingame based virgin american flights landed on time. that pushed hawaiian down to second. and frontier airlines had the worst record. >>> just in time for easter there is a chocolate easter egg with a toy inside that is legal to sell in the u.s.. the choco treasure gets around safety concerns because it's made in two pieces wrapped around a capsule inside the chocolate. >> i'll eat, pam. >> chocolate is good. >>> some signs new life for those pastries named twinkies and hohos. bankrupt banking company who made those products may not be cooking up a new deal that junk food lovers will like. >>> plus another sink hole story. this time a golfe
is not working for me. this morning boeing, how the company insists yet again it's about to get approval for the new battery situation for the dreamliner, like a duracell? no. my travel trust bought boeing beautifully, paying in the 60s at one of the previous set of worries about the dreamliner that were not realized. it caused the stock to run $75 and people realized it was okay. at that time the japanese pulled the dreamliner from service, what seemed like a totally intractable problem. mind you, this is just when we realized when the republicans weren't as concerned about the sequester as we thought, were willing to let the cutback of the military spending happen. but i still felt wow, this one's got to go longer. with the stock hanging in the mid-70s, i figure what a break? i can get out of boeing. get into something else less risky, which by the way i did. that doesn't really matter right now. sure enough, the trust, which is comanaged by stephanie link, who is also a contributor to cnbc and which you can follow along at, a website devoted to show you where we a
to be -- wants to go to a hold? couldn't he at least wait for a price break? finally, let's talk boeing. this stock rallied again, another buck 22. to me this move is a straight shot from 70 to 84. it feels like a short squeeze. hedge funds have been betting against it because the dreamliner's battery woes and couldn't take the pain when a brokerage house came out and said today boeing is about to win a 200-plane order with news that the u.s. gave boeing the go ahead to test the 787 battery fix. i believe the squeeze continues. but you have to understand, it's just a squeeze by people who are chasing, and they cannot take the -- >> the house of pain! >> these stock upgrades and short squeezes all come under the category of chasing. i always say, never force and do not chase. wait for your levels. there is no gun to your head. you aren't a hedge fund manager, every day right, as i used to. no one is standing over you and saying "how could you not have cleaned up today!" so unless you have some merchandise knocked down from its highs and i have ideas later in the show, or has an upcoming
up, big news for boeing, its problem plague dreamliner could soon be back in the air. >> get ready for the return of the twinkie. the iconic treat coming soon to store shelves. >>> sometimes heavily armed commando dolphins on the loose? we'll explain coming up. >>> welcome back, everybody. wall street has squeaked out another record. the dow jones industrial average gained less than 3 points yesterday but that was enough to close at a new record high. it also continued the dow's longest winning streak in two years. eight straight days in an increase. >>> the dreamliner is a little closer to getting back in the air this morning. the faa is giving boeing the green light to test its solutions for the lien's battery problems. all 787 jets have been grounded since mid-january when batteries on the two planes overheated. it's still not known whether dreamliners can start carrying passengers once again. >>> a million more general motors cars may be added to a brake light recall. the lights may not come on when the pedal is pressed on some older chevy malibu and saturn aurares or may come
. >> in other news the faa has approved a boeing plant to redesign the batteries for is 787 dream liner is. boeing says it will redesign the battery to minimize the chance of a short circuit. some of the changes include better installation in new this king system. the 787 fleet has been grounded since january after a battery fire on one point. at a smoking battery on another force that emerges in landing. >> the boy scouts of america is considering a change in its policy against allowing openly gay members. now it is sent out a questionnaire that goes beyond a simple yes or no on the subject. among the nine questions, is it acceptable for a gay scout and a straight scout to share a tent on a overnight camping trip?. the survey, set to leaders and parents, include five multiple choice answers ranging from a totally acceptable to totally unacceptable. the board says the decision to allow openly gay members will be made at the group's annual meeting in may. >> it is all the out there similar to yesterday's at this time. i have to tell you today will be a beautiful afternoon. concord at 50 deg
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. it has approved bog ed boeing's for a certification program to certify the new 787 dreamliner battery. this proposal includes a number of tests that boeing will have to meet before the faa can lift the grounding. there will be more test flights, more testing, and if boeing meets those expectations for the new battery fixes, maria, then we could see the grounding lifted, perhaps over the next several weeks, maybe by mid-to-late april. maria, back to you. >> phil, thanks so much. >>> up next, buy one, get one free. suppose you get a deal like that from a college? are market forces finally impacting the cost of higher education? senior correspondent scott cohn now with the story. over to you, scott. >> maria, in all our reporting on the crushing college debt situation, this is a topic that keeps coming up and keeps making people angry. college tuition rising at many times the rate of inflation. why is it? is it because government's support for higher education is down and the schools have to make up the difference somewhere? or is it because colleges are adding all kinds of fancy ameniti
up the new fix for the dreamliner from boeing. they are planning to get the planes back up in the air. >>> more trouble for carnival. two ships experiencing difficulties this morning causing trouble for thousands of vacatio vacationers. >> problem here. nice wide shot of the bay bridge. i like the way the lights dance at this time of the day. it always makes you feel good and motivated specially because it is -- >> friday. >> love it. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. >>> welcome back. today, a must-win for the united states if the team wants to advance. team usa losing to the dominican republic yesterday, 3-1. today, if they
difference in their lives. >>> the the dow is up 50 to 14,447. boeing stock pushed that up after an executive announced they will be able to fix the battery problems that plagued the new dreamliner. the nasdaq is up 8 at 3,252. all the good market news only helps as more people start buying. >> more people get in, drives the market higher. people think now i really must make my move so they do. >> we are still short of the record for the number of up days in a row set back in 1986 with a 13 day stretch. >> california consumers are making their feelings known about their health insurance.  kaiser is highest in customer satisfaction. at the bottom of the list, anthem blue cross got low marks in all areas of service. >>> it is not spring yet but feels like it, highs in the 80s on the way, your forecast on the way. >> it is working its magic, hear more about the free service helping bay area children. >> now that it is beach weather, what researchers say aspirin can do for skin cancer. >>> protesters rallied in downtown san francisco today demander manding the -- demanding the closure of all nu
thursday night. it boasts a larger screen and sharper images. >>> boeing says commercial flights of its grounded 787 jets should resume, quote, within weeks. >>> a surprising new space industry study reveals that the unmanned aircraft business will create 70,000 jobs once it's fully integrated into the u.s. national airspace system in 2015. >>> the irs says it has $917 million in unclaimed tax refunds from 2009 that are about to expire. the money is owed to about 1 million people who have until april 15th to file a return penalty free. go get that money. >>> and chelsea clinton and her husband are about to move into a new home sweet home. the posh manhattan pad in nomad, and that is new york city slang for north of madison square park, it's about 5,000 square feet, has 4 bedrooms and 6 1/2 baths. and that's all for a cool $10.5 million. >>> straight ahead, bill clinton hits the co-ed scene while college hoops prepares for march madness. >>> and the heat is on in the southwest. i'll tell you how long it will stick around. you're watching "early today." >>> yeah, pope still at the top the
. then they will be on their own by the end of the summer. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> boeing says its troubled 787 dreamliners could be back in the air within weeks. the lithium ion batteries in tokyo today admit they have not pinpointed the exact reason the jet's batteries repeatedly overheated but believe the fix will keep passengers safe. the new design has safety layers to prevent battery fires and contain any problem if a malfunction does occur. >>> it's happened again, another carnival cruise ship is having problems tonight. the latest issue happened aboard the carnival "legend." overnight the canceled a stop at grand cayman and began home to florida after a problem with the propulsion system. this comes after the carnival "dream" passengers are flying home. a problem with that ship's generator forced the crew to dock in st. maarten. guests are getting a refund and half off a future crew. hopefully there won't be any issues in the bay area. tomorrow the grand princess will generate big money for tourism dollars. the ship holds about 2600 passengers. round trip journeys
, boeing is talking about $25 million, five guys, we've seen layoffs among medical device manufacturers. to mary's point, what brings costs down is a free market. it's freedom, free minds. you see them everywhere from cellphone manufacturers and education which government has been heavily involved with. obamacare is force acknowledged and will kill free market and raise prices for everybody. >> eric: you can mess around with my burgers and hot dogs all you want but don't mess with my dog, my real dog, freedom. >> your dog is named freedom. >> eric: and medical device 2.3% tax? >> we're not paying for healthcare right now above what you are paying for your premiums. the average family cost them $2200 a year, to cover people that are uninsured. you are going to pay a couple more cents for the burger or pay thousands of a dollar in order to insure people that are not insured today. every time the insurance gets it paid for. >> eric: this goes across the whole economy. no matter what you buy, your prices are going up? >> we had bobby flay on the business network. he is worried about the cos
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